tiny home desk

Top Hacks For Maximising Space In A Tiny Home

Tiny homes are slowly becoming a modern phenomenon. More and more people are opting for the comfort of the affordable enclosed sanctuary where they can savour and enjoy their own private space. With the popularity growing for small homes, so is …

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10 Interesting Facts About Architrave

1. It's Really Old You may be looking for a conclusive Architrave definition, but the word ‘Architrave’ has been around for centuries. Ever since the ancient Greeks and Egyptians started building huge column like structures. The name actually is rooted in …

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Brick Moulding on house

What is Brick Mold?

What Is Brick Mould? Rotten windows or doors? Is your door not closing properly? Installing brick molding for exterior doors may not be a task you thought you had to do, but are you repairing or replacing a window or door? The …

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shipping container home

How To Make A Shipping Container Into A Home

You may have seen the latest craze of Shipping Container Homes. But how does someone go about sourcing a Shipping Container? And who had the idea of living in one? These rectangular boxes are not someone's first thought when they …

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