camping at diablo lake
camping at diablo lake

We all know camper storage can be a nightmare. Whether you have a camper van, motor home, tent, or yurt, or anything in between. Sometimes, even traveling light is not enough. It requires concentration and through for the camping experience to run smoothly and have everything up and running in an organised manner.

As an experienced camper, I have some camping storage ideas you may not have originally thought of. Camping can be overwhelming and it can confuse and stress a lot of people out. Having the gear, all of the equipment and more. It can be stressful, but we are here to take the stress out of camping, and show you some life-changing hacks and solutions. 

Camping Equipment Storage ideas

View our camping storage box plans. Find out our pop up camper storage solutions. We know it can be hard to store the days items, as well as shoes, coats and all the rest of it. 

Camping storage hacks are great because they will help you declutter and destress your life.

1.Camping Storage Box with Wheels

Portable. Accessible. the camping storage box with wheels are fantastic. Have your luggage where and how you want it. These can also be used for food storage. We also think that some of these options are the best food storage containers for camping. Gear buggies are brilliant for transferring goods. 

2. Camper Storage Cabinet 

Having a storage cabinet will change your life when you are on the road.

Finding out about this really changed my camping experience and helped me pack up faster and become more efficient. It was also very useful to have an area dedicated to storing items and items that are essential, but not necessarily needed at that time. According to storage providers from Fantastic, storage trunks do this job amazingly well, and some can be in cute designs which will match your vintage tents, campers or even industrial looking tents and designs. 

These storage cabinets can be used to store food, hats, scarves, coats, clothing, gloves, or other items. Even children’s toys! 

storage trunks
storage trunks can help you organise and relax

3. Portable camping wardrobe

This is great for the dilemma of clothing storage. The portable wardrobe solves the issue of not having straight clothes. These camping storage systems will efficiently make your life easier, and solve the headache of having nowhere to hang items.

Especially if they are wet, you do not want to leave these items at ground level. 

4. Shoe Storage

Shoe camping storage cabinet are brill, because they take the hassle on where to place your shoes, especially if you have wet or muddy shoes. Camper storage organization is incredibly important because your camper is also prone to be a space where there can be a mess. 

Because campers are much smaller than our homes, we are not used to packing light, we hope you love our camping storage tips.

5. Suction Hook 

More camper storage ideas are suction hooks. These attach to a surface, and allow you to hang things off them. Again maximising the storage. We hope our advice on camper storage organization will give you some tips and tricks for your camper! Hybrid camper storage ideas are super creative, innovative and fun. You can do a lot by trying to optimise your space when you are on holiday in the great outdoors, and we hope that our tips have helped you make some decisions!


Finding out how to store your items is also great for in the winter time, because it will help you with your camper winter storage, or camper trailer storage. Our camper storage solutions are amazing! 

For more storage info and advice, check out our post on how to maximise space in a tiny home! Similar conundrum to the camping situation.


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