Community housing

PreFab Community

These buildings are small in scale, and can be suitable for singles and larger families. This type of housing is also more cost effective, as there are less heating and lighting costs, as a lot of it is shared. This also results in a lessened carbon footprint. 

community housing


We can also develop family units within our Community Housing modules, if there is an elderly relative who may need more help and facilities than others, this can be accomodated. It also benefits a family if everyone is living and working together, letting the older generation have a new lease of life. 


Bedrooms are around 500ft, but can be modified to your needs. We also have the option for office space, home gym, living areas, and cinemas depending on the design.
Community homes are in sync with the environment and the community. They have been proven to enhance well-being. Enquire today!


PreFabulous happy to help you find your new dream Modular, PreFab, and Tiny Home!


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