The EcoFabulous Home

This design has won many awards on various National and International platforms. The EcoFabulous Home addresses the need to build with the environment, and it’s now rapidly changing climate. Designed in 2010, this feature home is our bestseller. We welcome you to our environmentally friendly, Modular built home!

eco friendly graphic


This 1,000 ft2 v-shaped vacation home addresses the need to preserve environmental resources by using reclaimed and recycled materials. Energy-efficient appliances and windows, smart wiring and solar panels offset a lot of the carbon that it produces.  Reducing the effect of the home’s eco-footprint. A clever combination of wood and metal cladding will complement a custom-fabricated roof. Modular construction in the factory increases construction efficiency, with the interior never being exposed to weather, thereby preserving the integrity of the kiln-dried wood.

The kitchen/great hall wing and bedroom wing, linked at the main entryway is the focal point of this modern design. Stroll past the courtyard deck, which provides multiple accesses to all rooms of the house - a seamless integration of indoor/outdoor living environments.
Ecofabulous Home includes a hot tub (heated by a log burner) with a canopy, BBQ area and potential for ample seating and mood lighting.