Prefabulous homes.

Modern Modular Design.

PreFabulous Homes have features to meet your needs: from small vacation properties and single-family homes, to larger multi-family homes and luxurious retreats.

We also design for corporate urban development, meeting market demands for Sustainability and quality. Sustainability is a word used a lot these days, but as the demand for housing grows exponentially, we believe PreFab Homes are the future.

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Environmentally Supportive

Modular design is a fundimentally more energy-efficient means of construction. Reduced construction time, materials and carbon footprint. They have a very efficient heating system and can easily be modified to use renewables.
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A Modular home is constructed in a controlled environment, inside a factory, professionally transported and delivered to the site by crane. They are practically 100% complete when shipped, and are crafted to the highest standards.

Modular Designs

We meet your needs – as well as designing for corporate businesses on a large scale. We also design for you. For a perfect getaway spot, for you and your partner we have a single-module option. Or perhaps – a large six-module house for a family gathering.

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How it works

We do all of the work. Including a custom design and a free first consultation. Let us do the work and make your dream home.

It takes approximately 8 months from initial plans to manufacture completion, as our factories are very over-subscribed and the process takes time

After this, our high quality, kiln-dried wood is transported to the site of your choosing and assembled for you at no extra cost. This process can take up to 2 months.

After this, it’s over to you! Furnish your beautiful new PreFab home however you choose!

Our Team

We are a Vancouver, BC Canada based local independent business. The company started out with just its founder Lucy Mack in 2009 and has quickly grown into a business with a strong following and interest surrounding PreFab Homes. 


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PreFabulous happy to help you find your new dream Modular, PreFab, and Tiny Home!


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