The Derry Home

Meet the Derry Mini home. This design is special for many reasons. It is built on a foundation of stilts so it can suit hilly, mountainous areas and remain level throughout the home. 

The large roof allows there to be a covered balcony, essential in snowy areas which allows for all year round BBQing.

derry tiny home


This 500 ft2 home is all open plan. The kitchen, dining room and living room all come together to create a wonderful space that is fit for any party, yet cozy enough to keep the heat in and isn’t at all drafty. 

The Master Bedroom is situated in the loft along with another bathroom ensuite, to give you huge views across the landscape.  This is one for a smaller family or couple wanting to get away for the weekend. 

There is an optional extra of a glass roof which would bring in natural light and give amazing stargazing opportunities. 

This PreFab Home is ideal for someone getting started in the world of Modular Homes. Work with out of our PreFab artists to get what you want out of your dream PreFab Home.
We also offer a PreFab deck kit which can transform your decking space.


PreFabulous happy to help you find your new dream Modular, PreFab, and Tiny Home!


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