tiny home

best selling Tiny house

This is our best selling tiny house. It is portable and modular, meaning it can be combined with other modules, and it can also be transported to another location, unlike our other products. 

tiny home


With the current housing market, you may feel like you will be renting for life. But with tiny homes, this may not be the case. Tiny Homes allow you to step on the ladder, for a much smaller cost than a larger home, and they are portable, so you don’t have to get tied down to one place, and can move for work, vacation, etc.

This home is made from shipping containers, and comes fully kitted out with all the essentials, underfloor heating, log burning stove, kitchen area, bedroom, lighting. We also offer a free furnishing service which can help you relax and not have to worry about furniture and moving costs.
We believe Tiny Homes are the future. Enquire today.