The waterfall

The waterfall

The Waterfall is one of our newest and most exciting designs, developed for a sloped roof, this is a popular design in mountainous areas.

waterfall home


The name comes from the three tiers of the 2600ft2 home. We have included a Green Roof on the three levels. Green Roofs significantly decrease storm runoff, thereby preventing erosion. The soils available now are specially designed and very light. Plants are used that do not require a lot of water and will keep a low profile, with minimal additional weight. The units come in squares that are easily installed.

The Top Floor is the Master Suite with a den, walk-in closet, and both a tub and a tiled glass shower. The tiles will contain recycled content, as in all our EcoFabulous Homes.
The Main Floor contains the Great Room with a central kitchen with bar. Windows and decks on all three levels take advantage of the view.
Let us know what kind of house would best suit your requirements - adding Modules or making Modules larger are just some of the practical advantages of Modular construction.