What Is Brick Mould?

Rotten windows or doors? Is your door not closing properly?

Installing brick molding for exterior doors may not be a task you thought you had to do, but are you repairing or replacing a window or door? The chances are you may also need to replace the moulding that encases the brick around it. 

A brick mould is the moulding around a window or door, where it meets up with the brick. Sometimes this brick molding can be ornate and decorative, other times it can be plain. 

It serves as an aesthetic barricade between a window/door and the wall. 

What Is Brick Moulding For?

Brick moulding makes sure the window stays in place, and keeps the fixings out of the weather. It also keeps it more secure. It can also be aesthetically beneficial, making the window look more uniform with the rest. You can also choose from a range of materials for your brick molding.

Brick Moulding Profiles

Before you buy – you may want to look at the brick moulding profiles of the molds you are buying. This gives a cross section of the design to see if it is what you want. You have to make sure it fits in with the style of your door or window, but also with the style of the other windows that are on display at the front of your house/building.

Also check building regulations – Some protected areas have historical building status and have regulations on changing out the facades of buildings if they are of any historical interest. Do your research before you start to change things, as this will save time and potentially money.

brickmould profile


brickmould profile

Brick Mould Window

The good thing about having brick molding around a window is that when you need to change the window – you do not need to disturb any of the brickwork to get to the window and swap it out for a new one. We think that is a huge benefit! Using brickmould trim is a cheap way to take some of the stress out of renovating a home, because you do not need to worry in case you have to take the window out further down the line. 

PVC Brick Mold

A modern favourite ; this method is cheap, quick and easy to implement yourself. Plastic Brick Mould is also relatively easy to cut down to size and  install yourself. Another benefit is, it is easy to clean and weatherproof. This PVC product looks very sturdy.

How To Install Brick Molding Around A Door

This is also the same steps for how to install PVC brick molding around a window, too. Which is simpler than it sounds! 

You will need:

  • PVC Brick Molding
  • A chop saw 
  • Silicon gun
  • Drill
  • Hammer


  • Cut your PVC  down to the size of your door/frame.
  • Pre drill your holes for the moulding.
  • Then place the silicon in the gaps of the door frame where you would like the moulding to go.
  • Finally, you could use some nails and hammer the corners to make sure the PVC will stay attached. 

And there you have it! A perfect door moulding. These instructions are the same for any material of moulding



door with rotten brickmould

Wooden Brick Mold

This is a more traditional method. Often found on Summer Houses, or Log Cabins, Wooden brick molding is an easy way to incorporate features across a whole house. They are also fun to paint and can achieve a cute ‘cottage’ look for a house. You can also make DIY brick molds and cut them to size yourself. This is a very easy process if you are handy at making things, and can be a great starter project. Look out for them if you have a Modular Home.

Brick Molding around Door

Yes – just like the brick design around windows, you can also brick mold around a door. You will have seen this countless times, but I find, if you aren’t looking for something you don’t notice it. Brick molding weather proofs a door and basically means it is fully attached to the house! Now you can understand why brickmold is an important factor of the fabric of a home. 

Installing Brick Molding For Storm Door

This needs to be watertight, literally. We know those pesky storm doors can sometimes be a little bit stiff, and stick in the frame and not shit properly. Obviously, this is not what we want from a storm door, as it needs to be reliable 24/7. Sometimes the Brick Molding around a storm door has let water in, or warped, thus making the door not close properly. I would recommend if you have this problem to replace with a PVC moulding, as wooden molds will keep having this problem over time. 



Tudor brickmold around window example

Brickmold VS No Brickmold

Hopefully I have persuaded you that brick molding is important on the exterior of a house. The alternative name to brick molding is brick capping, this is exactly the same process, whereby the unit is encased (capped) in full in the fabric of the building with a mould that seals it in.

Personally in my home, I do have moulding on my windows and doors, for that added feeling of security, comfort and it costs less to keep replacing them when they rot because of weather deterioration. 

If you like vintage items, you may want to look for Antique brick molds for sale! You can get some beautiful unique specimens that are being salvaged from old buildings.  


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