PreFabulous Homes. Modern modular design.
PreFabulous Homes. Modular Design, Redefined.
Architecturally designed modular homes. Today's modular homes are sophisticated and design-savvy.
An architecturally designed home that is ready in a few short months.

PreFabulous Homes:

The Modular Home has been redefined and so have its occupants! There are few limitations on Modular Construction.

The EcoFabulous Home is up for sale on a 5.26 Acre View Lot on Gabriola Island: contact Mary E. Todd (LRH Enterprises) at 604-736-1172 for information. Email:

The home has been the showcase example of our work since it was the Feature Home for the BC Home and Garden Show. It has now been moved to its permanent site. If you wish to have a spacious, two bedroom, two bathroom home with 400 sq.ft of deck now is the time to buy this unique building. Viewing by appointment.

There are many exceptional features. Cabinets made out of 100% recycled paper with zero Volatile Organic Compounds (out-gassing); sustainable, locally produced, and recycled products and materials; 95% efficient hot water production for domestic hot water and heating; a healthier and more comfortable home with continuous passive ventilation; all energy efficient appliances, windows, fireplace, lighting... and so much more! Check out all of the Eco-Friendly Features in this exceptional home on an exceptional property. View our full range of designs.

Breaking News:

2010 Deccember: The EcoFabulous Feature Home has been moved to its permanent site on Gabriola Island. Watch the 'Journey of the EcoFabulous Home' through the process of barging, craning and assembling the home on Architecton's YouTube Channel.

2010 April: Light House: Mary Todd gave a seminar on "What Is Sustainability?" on April 24th at 2:00pm. Light House is located at 2060 Pine Street (at 4th) in Vancouver.

2010 February: A Korean magazine, "MARU Interior Lifestyle Design" published an article on EcoFabulous Homes.

2010: Sheri Koones' new book, 'Prefabulous and Sustainable', released in April 2010, includes The EcoFabulous Home, chosen from 300-400 examples in North America and one of the only two from Canada. In her words our project will be part of "... the greenest and most attractive houses available...". Our home is showcased in one of the longer chapters and one of our images is the frontispiece. Her previous books, 'Castle to Dream Homes', 'House About It', and 'Prefabulous: The House of Your Dreams, Delivered Fresh from the Factory' are available via her website.

2010: Canadian Manufactured Housing Institute's magazine, 'Building Excellence' featured Eco-friendly 'Green' Solutions in its Spring Edition. Examples and illustrations from the EcoFabulous Home are used throughout.

2009: November issue of 'Lifestyles of Health and Sustainability', in Taiwan published the EcoFabulous Home.

2009: November publications were in : 'The Vancouver Sun', 'The Victoria Times Colonist', 'The Calgary Herald', 'The Globe and Mail', and 'The Montreal Gazette'. Suzanne Morphet wrote an article entitled "Local Prefab among 25 selected for New Book", referring to Sheri Koones' book (above).

For complete press listings please visit our publicity page.

How Can You Use This Unique Construction Method?

ARCHITECTON in association with SHELTER INDUSTRIES, has redefined Modular Homes. Architect-designed, customizable homes are delivered to your site with all interior and exterior finishing completed and are suitable for a wide variety of locations. Imagine going from start of construction and start of site work, to move-in within 8-12 weeks!

Eco-friendly solutions are incorporated from the preliminary design stage. Construction of the modules (view construction videos), and site work, foundations and assembly of the modules, are done by experienced professionals on time and on budget.

The efficiency of Modular Design, coupled with superior quality control, creates a savings of cost and time that is passed directly on to you as a builder, developer or homeowner. Factors such as new modular construction technologies, a trend toward down-sizing, growing demand for vacation and second homes, and severe trade-labour shortages have all added to the increased appeal of modern Modular Design in today's marketplace.

The Advantages:

  • Ideal for remote areas where it is often difficult, if not impossible, to hire a contractor and sub-trades.
  • Energy conservation and sustainability are a priority in the design and construction. The PreFabulous Home is an EcoFabulous home because it is energy efficient and ecofriendly.
  • Save time and money with modules factory built and inspected before and after delivery.
  • Modular Homes are being financed, insured and appraised exactly the same as site-built homes.

If you would like to see the workmanship, we can arrange for you to view the EcoFabulous Home or a Ski Chalet in Hemlock Valley.

Please contact us for a no-obligation assessment of your requirements.

Renovation of the house

The house should be properly renovated before putting it on sale. Repainting should be done to give the house a fresh look. All the cracks and holes should be filled. All the clutters accumulated on desks, doors, etc. should be properly cleaned. The house should be well presentable and should not look like a second-hand house. All the appliances should be functioning properly.

Familiarize with marketing techniques and ask for honest opinions Before putting your house for sale, familiarize with the advertising tactics and marketing techniques. All the defects should be taken proper care of and rectified so as to present you as a good and responsible seller. In order to judge, you can seek honest opinions from your friends and neighbors. When the buyer comes for a visit, your house should not be personalized with your photos and art pieces, so that the buyer can see the image of their own dream house in your home, which will definitely force them to buy your house. Your presentation will put an impact on the buyer

Your house should be perfectly clean and well-organized. All the worn carpet, kitchen cabinet hardware, door knobs and old electrical wirings should be properly fixed. Proper advertising should be done, and all the key aspects of your house should be highlighted. There are various options available to the buyers including the houses for sale in South Lake Tahoe. So, your presentation should be up to the mark to meet this competition. These small things can make a world of difference and will attract the customers. They will get a feel of their own house in your home.

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